Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Outside my window. . .it is getting very warm.  I'm trying to cut utilities down, so laundry goes on the line, and we get hot when it hits the 90s as it has the last few days.

I am thinking. . . of ways to organize my lovely vintage sheets from Katie's swap.  I can't decide where to put them and the kitchen table is NOT working.. .

From the kitchen. . . coffee . . . so far.  Yesterday, we had this (except with beef sausage rings cut up)
It was SO delicious!  I haven't decided what to have today, but we have leftover spaghetti and a bit of leftover meatloaf, so I will, likely, redo that...make it cheesy?  Grilled cheese sounds good too.

I am wearing. . . a dark turquoise dress, A DRESS (!), whooo hooo (as in happy, not sexy)...I couldn't wear dresses while nursing for over 21 years straight, but I can wear dresses now and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Dresses used to be impossible to nurse in unless I happened to be wearing a nursing dress ($$$ and not really comfy).  My cotton knit Old Navy (from the thriftstore...thank you whoever donated it) dress is utter delight...nothing binding on my tummy and loose and cool.~  I feel pretty.~  It has detail at the collar of little sewn tucks.  I love Old Navy for LOTS of cottons and a little artsy detail (but then, I thrift and just happen to notice lots of items I love are from Old Navy).  Dark colors aren't usually my thing, but I don't intend to be in the sun much today, since the garden is DONE waiting on God-designed growth.  We finished planting YESTERDAY!  I'm still achy.

I am creating. . . some rows for a couple row robins my friends and I are doing here in my hometown. . .I'd like to get a quilt for my firstborn, Gabriel, done soon for his birthday...

I am remembering. . .how my dad put his garden in.  I wonder if there was a reason he used a coffee can to pour water into each hole for tomato plants.  And, did he ever try different kinds of lettuce?  He liked experimenting.  When I am telling the children the new things we are going to try with the garden, I remember Dad and his, "Hey, it's dirt and a few pennies of seeds" philosophy for trying new gardening ideas.

I am reading. . . a stack of old Country Living magazines from the Salvation Army.  The older ones are DEFINITELY better than the new.

I am hoping . . .dh gets a job soon.  He had an interview Monday.  I'm SO grateful to God for peace during this time.

I am hearing. . . Birds chirping and frogs croaking.  Mil's old farberware camp coffee pot perking...mmmm...I enjoy this coffee pot SO much.  I'm the only coffee drinker here, so I made the 2 cups it makes and refrigerate one for the next morning to have over ice.  LOL, I'm NOT picky about coffee.  I'm putting half decaf in lately.

I don't want to. . .clean up my counter.  I spilled a little coffee mixing decaf with regular (much cheaper to mix myself).  Karilee has morning dishes and won't be happy with me...but, I can either type this OR clean it up...ACK!

Around the house. . . vintage sheets and fabrics everywhere, EVERYWHERE...a few schoolbooks found thrifting that looked fun (AND, the little ones DELIGHTED in them...we were laughing and loving doing some "new" books), and NO muddy garden shoes...they are still out by the garden!  We are even less tidy than usual since the garden took time.

I am going. . . to stay home today, even though I am aching to get out and thrift a bit.   Hmmm...dh just NOW said I could go along with him to the next town over.  He has some paperwork to get taken care of and will then go to the hardware while I check out the thriftstore there!  HURRAH!

One of my favorite things. . . my porchswing.  Darling man had Caleb stain and put together a glider swing on my front porch.  I love how cool it is out there on the westside of the house, and nowadays, I love remembering holding the youngest little ones and nursing many hours away out there while caressing little toes and gazing into the eyes of my sweeties.  I sure don't regret nursing.

Plans for the rest of the week. . .just trying to organize mostly.  I have to plan a birthday gift and some sewing for next week's time with friends.  I'll miss LOST.  I hope to see little plants poking up soon!  It looks like I didn't lose tomato plants.  We didn't have to purchase plants...the garden volunteered TONS of plants from the few tomatos that got frosted at the end of last season!  I had started seedlings, but they got tipped over (a few times) by a little one anxious to help mama.  We put the seedlings back in, but they are still small...probably SCARED to grow!  LOL!

OOooo...darling man says, "Let's go", so I'd better run.  I miss blogging.  Will try to get Caleb to help me get some pics up later.

Go forth and CONQUER today!   Lucy~

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