Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wow...over a year!

Not being able to get pictures posted stopped me from posting.  NOT today though.  Typing out my thoughts is healthy and...fun.  So, I'm baaa-aaack.
I've been quilting a LOT and I WILL have son #3 help me get some pictures up when he's back from camp.  He and 3 of his siblings are away this week.  I still have oldest son and the two littles here, but it is SO much quieter and the potato salad and baked beans I made last night seem to have barely been hit!
I get to sew with my little quilting party tonight.  I'm blessed to have a group of 5 other ladies to regularly meet with.  We haul our smallest machines and gobs of fabric and food and laugh and pray together about once a week.  It is SWEEE-EET.  They inspire me and encourage me, but they also pray for me.

Those two little girls just got up and gave me hugs.  They want the treat they got at the "food store" (as the littlest called it).  Poptarts!  Ick, but fun.  Taking just the two of them was...interesting.  They wanted EVERYTHING and Mommy was in a spoiling mood.  I'm glad fruit is their most common treat of choice, but there's plenty of chocolate milk here too now.  LOL!

So, I'll be back again SOON.  With pictures and stories about how my quilting is going.  But, for now, I'm taking the poptarts out of the toaster for the littles, then figuring out what I'll be sewing tonight.

I hope you find time to sew tonight.

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