Saturday, April 3, 2010

Resurrection Sunday

I'm up late cleaning up the kitchen and waiting to secretly set up baskets for the children and my husband. We've NEVER once done that because my darling man didn't want Easter to be about candy and treats, but I decided they needed that treat this year when I found cute baskets for a dime each...I bought 10 baskets, one for each of my children, even the adults, and one for dh. Some of them are getting a pair of socks and a bit of candy. But, I think it'll be fun, and hope they'll like it. I tried a few jolly rancher jelly beans...Ooooeee, YUM! That SOLD ME on setting up baskets this year! I delighted in getting an Easter basket when I was a child...I hope this works out as well.
I likely wouldn't sleep if I were in bed. My oldest dd, 19yo Joy, called because she is sick and also upset about a speeding ticket and life being hard to get kick started. Things have been rough for her lately. Her roommate is on a trip, and I'm praying she gets a good night's sleep and is recuperated in the AM. She's been working two jobs...too much. She's thinking she'll move back home and go to college from there.

I'm looking forward to doing the sheet swap on here
When Oh, Fransson did one last year, I missed out, but have been watching for sheets at thriftstores ever since. I think I will easily get 80 fat quarters to swap out! Look at this fun photo of the type sheets swapped out previously

My guild is swapping 6" charms of I Spy fabrics and I'm cutting florals for a postcard size (4.5" by 6.5") swap on I'd better finish getting organized quick!

I hope your Sunday is full of loving family and peace. Time to CELEBRATE! He is risen!

Blessings, Lucy~

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