Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sheets and memories.

It's as lovely a day as it comes here today.~ Sunny and up to 84 degrees. My 6yo is bugging to swim.

I have my fat quarters for the swap more than half ready and am enjoying the neatly folded vintage look of them mixed together. They are a DELIGHT to work with. I've been buying sheets from the Salvation Army and Goodwill GALORE, but found a whole bunch in another town at a church thriftstore the other day for a quarter each pillowcase! $1 or $2 each sheet. WHOO HOO!

I almost didn't decide to use sheets in quilting, but I had a pink floral sheet from when I was a little girl that I just couldn't part with, but that doesn't work in the room decor here. I homebirthed my babies on the same blue sheet (one from clearance with a dye problem in one corner so it wouldn't matter if it stained) and washed it over and over, but it is still in great shape with NO staining. It's been washed and washed, but still is in great shape and, now, it has so many sweet memories of my long labors, but there won't be more, it went into my quilt. And, the sheet from the first night of our honeymoon and our newlywed years had some edges that were like new when I was sorting out the linen closet...certainly some good memories of whispered words and sweet loving come from those scraps in my quilt. LOL, I'll say it, this is my blog, passion is remembered when I look at that print!

I'm positive my darling man wouldn't have ANY idea why any of those scraps are romantic to me. Except for a heart pillowcase with his name embroidered on that I made him for Valentine's Day long ago, he's NEVER noticed linen at all. I love that I care though. I love that I can look at each square and remember snuggling a sweet smelling wet newborn or my sister HATING the pink floral of our old victorian bedroom we shared three to the bed. Rich memories of snuggles and smells...good peaceful smells remembered. I love to finger each piece and put words to what it makes me think of.

Will the new quilts I make from traded vintage sheets make me wonder about the people who slept under them? Or, will they remind me of other things in my life? I can't wait to see!

I have another swap coming up from 5" charms too...I intend to swap 500! Won't that be an amazing quilt!

I'm off to play with, "vintage" sheets, Lucy~

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